25 things about you

I have noticed a few dozen people in my facebook network to be taking part in this ’25 things about you’ craze.

It goes something like this:

tag 25 people in a note,
say 25 things about yourself
those 25 people (if they are fuckwits) will say something about themselves

It’s kind of a self-indulgence thing, or only interesting if you want to bone the other person, or tell someone you want to bone something about you.

Michael was going to write an article on this, but actually say 25 things about himself, I suitably chastised him, and am putting this article in its place

Antisophie (edited by last laugh Michael)

2 thoughts on “25 things about you

  1. i wonder….. what sets these chain lists of personal information apart from blogs, aside from actually tagging your intended audience?

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