The name of Tigger

I was watching an episode of the New adventures of Winnie the Pooh, a bastardisation of A.A. Milne’s stories after Disney had obtained the rights to the characters, and thus could do anything they wanted with it (beyond the original canon).

I saw one interesting episode where Tigger was bouncing in the mud and Rabbit made the other toys pin Tigger down into a bucket and washed him. After tigger was washed, he had lost his stripes. When Rabbit, Pooh and Piglet saw him, they were asking who he was. Tigger said to Pooh, “It’s me!”, and then Pooh said, “yes I know you are, but what is your name?”. They refused to see or comprehend him as being a Tigger, so they thought he was a rabbit (due to having a tail and ears), but after a mistake at gardening, Tigger was convinced that he was not a Rabbit, so he thought maybe he was a bear. Pooh then made Tigger steal some honey, after being stung and not doing well with disturbing a bee hive, Pooh was convinced that this red tiger was not a Tigger.

Throughout the story, whenever Eeyore passed by, he kept referring to him as a Tigger despite all the other characters not being able to see Tigger and being confounded as to who this red feline was.

What is criterial of Tigger? is it his stripes? his attitude (being bouncy)? or, as Eeyore (and the percieved final answer of the show), what was inside the toy that was criterial. Eeyore said that he saw him as a Tigger the whole way through because he was looking not at his apeparance but what was inside. It looks like Eeyore has Kripkean intuitions about reference.


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