Not quite the best..

After some thought on this issue for a few months I have come to consider Gilette products to be quite pedestrian, quite proletarian, quite chav-esque. It’s tagline is the best a man can get; well surely, that’s defeatist attitude, resorting to the bottom of the pit; to the (false) platitude that what is available is the scope of one’s aspirations.

Gilette has way too much alcohol (or some kind of hydrocarbon), and has a very old man kind of scent. A very military one scent fits all approach. I remember (I must repeat this anecdote a great many times), that I once had a theology tutor who once told us that Microsoft Word is the most evil piece of software; because it tells us what is good or bad english. If one is to put Jane Eyre (I can’t really remember the exact example but it was 19thC English Literature) into MS Word; we shall find that the spell and grammar checker will deem many things incorrect.

Gilette does not go well with me; single brands should not lay claim to a whole market. Also, it makes my face dry (ironic for a moisurising post-shave balm).

I do like the blades though.


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