No posts for now

Since it has been tacitly established that I’m doing a lot more moderating and writing for this blog lately, I should say that there are a lot of postworthy events of late. I’m not able to get them all done right now, but it should be said that there are a lot of interesting stories lately:

1. The death of JG Ballard
2. The pirate bay founders are arrested
3. Somalian pirates and the international response (are they the next century’s ‘al-qaeda’, in the same way that drugs were the hot topic of the 1990s)
4. Julian Baggini’s role as ‘philosopher-in-residence’
5. have removed their sales listings of LGBT and sexual literature (some feminist blogs call it ‘amazonfail’ – they try to be cool and naughties but its a bit late)

We may or may not get these posts done, we are all busy at the moment, I’m thinking of getting a regular story of the week piece for NR.


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