The day just passed

The day that has just passed has a number of markers about it:

1. It has been the European and Local council elections all around the UK; voting is something both boring yet fundamental in liberal democracies.
2. The news has been overshadowed by talk of the incumbent cabinet ministers. I personally think it is very unfortunate that a whole political party, including tis campaigners and tireless public servants (some of which are actually doing a good job), must be tarred by the expenses row and the poor overall reputation of the cabinet at large, but that is the cost of being part of a party in politics.
3. It has been 20 years since the Tiannenmen Square revolt. The world has become a different place since 1989. Of all the things happening; we are distracted from the more important of issues. Although that said; concentrating on an intermediate issue is partially dealing with a long term one.


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