Michael Jackson jokes

I’ve not written a post in the vein of ‘RIP MJ’, even though I have been meaning to. I think that train has passed, although maybe I’ll have one written for the 1st anniversary. Anyway, I have two observations:

1. One of my highest viewed posts is ‘Chris rock on Michael Jackson’. I’m not sure whether this is because people have a resurgence of interest in Michael Jackson (very likely), or are secretly looking for jokes on michael jackson. Michael Jackson jokes were a stable of my teenage-tweenties-years. In 2003 (work out my age), when the Martin Bashir documentary on MJ came out, I was 17 and it was a cultural event for a lot of us, as seen by the many standup routines done about him. Michael Jackson jokes, or specifically, jokes about paedophiles, were particularly common. The other observations on his eccentric celebrity status were perhaps more funny (i.e. dressing like Capt’n Crunch)

2. It has come to my attention that the Latest Sasha Baren Cohen film ‘BrUno’ (sic), has an edicted release, whereby a scene relating to La Toya Jackson is omtted. For a film that is primarily about offensiveness, taking out a joke MJ is quite literally a ticket to sellout’s-ville. If one chooses to make an offensive joke, they should follow through. Why must it always stop at arbitrary faux pas, like jokes that may invite reprisals or threats. Ideally, offense uin the name of expression should not attract too much harm. Sanctioning or minor legal suits are okay (defamation, libel etc), but not a Fatwah.


One thought on “Michael Jackson jokes

  1. It’s standard practice to remove scenes from films in the wake of a major public death. When “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” was released in the UK theatres, the scene concerning the marriage of Charles and Diana (when Dr. Evil is catching up on his lost history) was removed as a result of the death of “Princess” Diana that year.

    The purpose of the film has nothing to do with the decision – it is a rare confluence of good taste and commercial sensibilities. 🙂

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