The moral communion of fail

There is an enforced sense of morality and custom through the FAILBLOG website. Pointing out mistakes, shortcomings and unacceptable decisions are what enforce proper and successful behaviour compared to a ‘fail’. I urge all of you to keep a camera on your person as often as you can, or use a screenshot whenever you see a fail. Today, I saw a man urinating behind a tree and was right in sight of passing cars. Such primitive behaviour is not believable, unless one has proof. I’ve seen other ‘fails’ while on the internet: going on yahoo answers is too easy, although automated ads can be a good source of bad marketing; consider for instance, an automated ad promoting Michael Jackson tickets up to two days after his death; or adverts for Christian casual sex listings; or religious advertising on youtube next to video series like the angry atheist or Penn Jillette’s channel.

As for the notion of moral communion, a lot can be said of it but brevity shall cut it short for now.


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