80s revival

Bright colours, unnecessary accessories and dated-but-new tracksuits are part of contemporary style to revive 1980s fashion idioms. Michael was asking me once about his confoundment of the revival of tracksuits, especially the really badly and poorly co-ordinated stuff. Bright colours reminiscent of the pinnacle of acid house are coming to revival. Just like the 70s revival of the 90s; the noughties has had a 1980s revival since the middle of the decade.

Some of us were still dressing 90s style by 2004. In spirit, I think I’ll always be living (fashionably speaking) in the 1990s.

It is said that the 80s revival will fold over soon to a 90s revival and grunge will become a form of chic. I’m embarrassed to be in living memory of grunge’s hayday.


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