Terrible vernacular

I’m increasingly self-conscious of my lexical choices and gramatical faux pas. As a part of this, I have made a change to my regular speech, according to one of my friends. I say less in an effort to convey clarity. I strive to say things which try to be unique, either to myself or to the world at large.

Further, I try not to do the following:

i. ‘Follow the leader’, repeating sentiment. News travels in waves and echoes these days; the announcement of the death of Michael Jackson, or in my kinds of circles, famous intellectuals and philosophers specifically. It is a learned response from one’s own experience, and from learned observation; that the first reaction is not always the most accurate.

ii. Not make a point. Conversation that tries to be argumentative or original must avoid the putative lay points of view unless actually relevant. Demagogues increasingly highjack policy and the proper governance. Stated a different way: why should I care what polls maintain about an issue (for instance, the recent issue of whether US pollers believe that Obama was born in the USA) unless it has been made clear to me that it is important.

iii. Be selective. It is the first rule of good essay writing that one should not just ‘say everything they know about an issue’, but to mention the things that are relevant or argumentative. I’m around many people who make this fallacy to the extent that I struggle not to internalise their own pattern.

With the above considered, I am still very much subject to grammatical and lexical fallibility. I’d begrudingly admit that. I had my recent book review revised for some typos, before realising that I still had more. Considering that it is an open access publication I’ll have it sorted out at some point soon.


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