Reasons I dislike Disney

1. There is a sociological notion known as disneyfication, a wide-ranging notion that has very negative and perjorative social implications: consider:

i. The reconstruction of history
ii. The sentimentalisation of the past (this is true of what most people  call ‘fairy tales’ – the original stories of the Brothers Grimm, are quite brutal, for instance)
iii. Racial and gender stereotypes and roles
iv. The naturalisation of social relations

2. They buy into franchises and make it into part of their global corporate empire, to the peril of the intellectual property, and most importantly, the ideas underlying said intellectual property. Consider the buying out of Winnie-The-Pooh (original AA Milne version); or the game Kingdom Hearts. The beauty of fiction in our experience of childhood is that there are many universes and not one, having a sense of unity would not help the imagination or one’s sense of onder.

3. They bought Marvel comics characters: beloved ones like Mr. Sinister, Apocalpyse, Iron Man, Wolverine, and so forth…


2 thoughts on “Reasons I dislike Disney

    • Yes. They are psychologically fascinating figures. I’ll perhaps address that in more detail at another time. But consider how Apocalypse fulfills some an ancient prophecy, while Mr. Sinister has a particular take on natural selection

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