Anniversaries in september

It’s cliche to make a post saying where I was on 9th September 2001. This year, on all the blog feeds, the stories tend to be quite short-term headlines. These days, stories can be ongoing and have many stories as things develop: some of the headlines are:

i. Awards to British troops in Afghanistan
ii. PM’s apology concerning Turing’s treatment
iii. SA female runner’s ‘alleged’ hermaphrodite claim. What I find most interesting about this, is that the headlines predate the actual allegation. All the things that are said are that ‘there are reports’, or one paper has made the statement first that she’s a hermaphrodite. This is very bad news, banking cheques before they’re made.

What isn’t a terribly attended story is that it’s the 8th anniversary for that incident that had been talked about all of this decade. Perhaps this is a good thing; the political climate has moved on and other issues have arisen. The anniversary that I’m thinking more about is the 15th September 2008. Coincidently its another personal anniversary, but, apparently, it is the date that Lehman Brothers had declared bankrupcy. Although there was some action about a year before, this looks like the most identifiable of events to determine the start of the ‘credit crunch’.

I think that perhaps history will refine our perspective on the true impact of those events.


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