Link: the best/most important philosophy books and articles since 2000

Check out the discussion on Leiter, I admit that I think philosophical literature is cutting edge when it comes to the stuff in the past decade (I’m still in awe of 1986’s ‘On the Plurality of Worlds’, the philosophical community has moved on since then). One suggestion that I definately would agree is a significant book (that does not give way to my personal bias and associations) is Timothy Williamson’s “Knowledge and Its Limits”. I’ve only read a couple of chapters on this but Williamson’s work has been the topic and springboard of many philosophers since then. I would say he is one of the icons of contemporary philosophy today, enjoying the status of being among the greatest of living philosophers.

I am very very entertained at the suggestion made by one Michael Rosen, that one of the best books of the decade is Paul Franks, “All or Nothing: Systematicity, Transcendental Arguments, and Skepticism in German Idealism”. Why do I like this suggestion? I’ve been suggested to read this book in a correspondence I’ve had with an 18thC expert, but also, from what I’ve understood about the book, it addresses a Kantian thesis that I’ve vehemently explored in my own amateur philosophical exploits. Despite this personally curious suggestion, I do think that Williamson’s work quite suitably characterises the good philosophical work during this decade. Of course there are very interesting developments in other areas, in particular, global justice in political philosophy has gotten a very publically significant role, such as the discussion between Langton and Nussbaum on poverty, and the work of Sen. Also of very important note is the emergence of ‘formal philosophy’ and the xphi movement. I expect the former of the two will have much more influence in the coming decades of the 21st century. I would very much like that.


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