(Link) Hitchen’s reported lapses into homosexuality

I thought I would share a piece that I found on the Telegraph. An interesting take on how to ‘fast track’ to the inner circle (no pun intented) of the conservative party, that, or being a female Muslim.

The journalist Christopher Hitchens is on a roll right now, chiefly for his devastating put-down of Anna Ford, after she dissed his friend Martin Amis, but also by virtue of his new memoirs Of his occasional lapses into homosexuality at Oxford, he recalls that these included “mild and mildly enjoyable” flings with two youths who later became members of Margaret Thatcher’s government. Cue for a pause, for the bad-minded among us to work out which Tory ministers were at Oxford with Chris H. But it wouldn’t matter much if we guessed right. Once, being outed as gay would be political death among Tories. Now it’s pretty well a short cut for inclusion in David Cameron’s A-list. [Melanie McDonagh]


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