Observation (a dislike of MS word)

While I have a nicely licenced copy of MS Office 2007; I have lately found it rather irksome, and have taken more toward using Google Docs. While both have their issues and positives, I’ve taken to working with the latter for the following specific reasons.

1. Loading time: its easier to open and faster to access GDocs than word, there are too many bells and whistles in word that take too much time to load up

2. Accessibility: I can open my GDocs anywhere that has a computer with internet and a browser. I dont need a license or software, or necessarily even fast RAM to open it (I do need those for word, and its still problematic)

3. Format friendliness: While their formatting features leave much to be desired by comparison to the LaTeX family or MS word; I do find it easy to write up a simple PDF, download and send it. It’s nice computer usage while on the go. The mobile office; if you will.

And those are just a few reasons I prefer open access initiatives.


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