Transcribe Bentham

We at the Noumenal Realm have discovered an interesting project hosted by UCL. It is called ‘Transcribe Bentham’ and general members of the public (that’s you) are invited to take part in assisting with the transcription of the 19thC Ethicist/Economist/Legal philosopher Jeremy Bentham. Bentham is a fascinating person who I don’t admit to knowing much about; but he was integral to the founding of University College London, introduced a few words into the English vocabulary, and as well as being the original Utilitarian philosopher; he wrote on a vast range of subjects beyond Ethical theory.

This project consists of transcribing boxes of manuscripts into a digital format that would eventually form a series of published volumes of Bentham’s work that would benefit scholars in the future. This project also introduces people into the issues around transcribing a work from its original source material; for instance, Bentham uses antiquated spellings; writes on margins; scribbles out whole swathes of lines of text, or is just plain illegible. This is a fascinating project to participate in. Not least because of its open participation. I recommend readers of this blog to take a look.


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