Linkspam of the week (17th to 23rd January)

This week I submit the following stories of interest, that is to say, my judgment that all people should consider of interest (cf. Kant’s theory of judgment)

  1. Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science unveils the phenomenon of ‘Blue Monday’ to be a sham co-opted by both commercial and supportive interests.
  2. Lisa Wade at Sociological Images unpacks the phenomena of Seth Rogen the Mediocre Male which has been opted toward a cultural and commercial end.
  3. Over at the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy is a new article on Ernst Cassirer, a very important Kant scholar and Neo-Kantian, written by another important Kant Scholar and Neo-Kantian, Michael Friedman.

Hopefully we can make a more regular occurence of linkspam.


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