Blog name change, and ‘Like’ us on Facebook

I have updated and tweaked a few features on this blog, and I have realised that I have not properly addressed much of the blog for a long time (tagging and categories for instance). Since Destre, Antisophie and Sinistre hardly post as often as they did, I am making this my (Michael’s) primary blog, and I’m changing the website’s title to make it less verbose. I may change the URL at some point as well, so this may mean that RSS feeds need to be changed.

Also note on the site that I have integrated Twitter functionality with a dedicated Twitter page, and I have also linked the blog to a facebook fan page so you can ‘Like’ us as well. The real reason I’m trying to spruce up the site is as a sandbox in social networking and creating an online ‘brand’ presence. I’ve also created a shared Noumenal Realm email account so you can contact us, or myself specifically with any questions, requests, or follow up issues you have about particular topics and we’ll venture to reply to you. Our email account is (consistent, aren’t we).

I want to thank you readers for following the blog for this long as we continue to create more posts.

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