A post not really about anything at all

Here’s a personal post, where I talk about nothing in particular [Ed. Isn’t that what I do anyway?]. My saturday is taking the following form: as I am back home from training at the gym (I had to cut things short when I felt an injury coming near), I am dealing with a backlog of emails, and ‘tabbed’ emails that I really should need to reply to. At the same time, I’m listening to some music, which is less of a hobby but more a cultural chore. I have to make a distinct effort to keep in touch with ‘what is cool’ in British popular music these days, save following that talent show.

One of my regular tasks, which I don’t exactly have a systematic approach to, is to catch up on RSS, twitter and other such feeds that give me insight into the world. Since I am aware that my own life isn’t the locus of the world (it’s easy to forget sometimes, and sometimes useful to assume its the case to be more productive), I make an effort to catch up  on various happenings going on in the world, as well as academic trends, if any papers are coming out that are of relevance to me. I don’t think it’s reasonable for a procrastination exercise that this post is, to list all of the things that I subscribe to on my RSS feeds, but they include things from podcasts, blogs I like, press releases from certain charities, interests of mine (from Christian systematic theology to fashion journalism), Librivox releases, black metal gigs going on near me and I’ve even set up RSS feeds of things going on in my local area. I have created a ‘servant’ out of cloud computing and with the constant influx of data and news stories, game releases or developing occurences, I like to find a unified way of trying to deal with it.

So, that’s also why I’m in a bit of a drought of things to say from time to time, because I’m so busy trying to follow what’s going on. I’d like to make a few observations, however:

  • Internet memes are catching up with the ‘occupy’ movement, referencing certain jokes (lord of the rings, batman) in relation to what’s going on now. I can’t tell whether they are disingenuous or just being cynical for a chuckle, or neither.
  • I’m reading a book of essays by Christopher Hitchens, I believe it has been released recently, and I really need to complete it quickly. Some of the articles mostly take the form of essays on contemporary affairs, or book reviews. There is an interesting review on Philip Larkin, for instance; a crude reference about Mark Twain’s risque jokes, and one thing that I found really cutting edge for Hitchens, was a dedication to the individuals who sparked the Arab Spring in the introduction, and an article written in (I think) April 2010 on the terrible status of EU countries. If there was a book that spelled relevance to right now, as well an interesting exercises in how to  be a raconteur, Hitchens’ would be artypical of Very Good Writing. Hitchens states his own sense of urgency about finishing this book due his current pressing health concerns.
  • I’m trying to establish a ‘one post a week’ minimum for this blog, and this post is an attempt to meet a quota.
  • I need to update a lot of features on this blog, and I’m painfully aware of this. I’m working on it.
  • I apologise to that It looks unlikely that I’ll put up a post that Destre submitted to me titled on the topic of subversion. But it will likely form the basis of future posts.

Michael (working in the metaphorical basement)

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