A Year in Review: Dissent

(Ed: Apologies that this is late)

If there is one thing that characterises the year that has recently passed, it is the unifying theme of instability. Whether one is working in the so-called public or private sectors, instability is now a constant that is presumed. A generational gap between the Baby Boomers and those after them is emphasised by a differing pension scheme or position on the housing market. The societal myth of social mobility is more in question now than it has ever been (bar the early 20thC). Jobs and public positions are not stable. Even those in governance and the media are not safe from instability. This lesson has been learned by two differing but related aetiologies.

The first aetiology is that of the larger economic forces coming into play. While the nuances of the financial system are beyond my understanding, I can appreciate that economies and various aspects of financial industries and wider industries have implications on wider society and economy. Government debt in most Western/Northern countries is at a fairly ridiculous rate, and much of the popular media emphasises the short term effects and outcomes of the present day. My point about instability is that government debt has cultivated a political penchant for austerity which in turn has affected wider social features.

Another aetiology comes from the influence of public opinion. Public opinion has shown great force in recent months. From the Arab spring, a movement of individuals from Arab nations continue to display signs of dissent relating to their governance. While these events still unfold, many are curious what the long term implications of these forms of dissent will entail. In the US, and to some extent the UK, dissent has reached a new audience of people through a plethora of causes to express disquiet about the status quo. On the year that Gil Scott Heron died, how fitting is the phrase he is most known for: The Revolution will Not be Televised’. Dissent has been facilitated by social media, from the blatant violation of the injunctions on public figures (addressed in a previous post this year), to organised chaos in the English Riots during the summer. It is certainly an interesting year historically, while many of these momentous events go on around the world, we at Noumenal Realm on a day to day basis are actually living boring lives despite it all, perhaps that is the most disappointing feature of our year in review.  My year has been pretty boring as far as life goes, uneventful, and to some extent that is due to the instability of many things going on.

Sinistre (theme of dissent comes from discussions with Destre)

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