The past few weeks, and the next few posts

I’ve been convinced by Antisophie, ever the social media guru, to get a bit more involved with Twitter, and also (ever the Guru) to get a bit more involved in life. As such I may be a bit delayed with regular blogging. I know how much I hate repeating that I’m busy, or repeating how I hate that I repeat about being busy. So I’ll just give you a little bit of an update and show a bit of context as to the next few posts.

I’ve been busy with family weddings in the month of July, as well as other family things (not least including my birthday which reminds me of how old I am). I also performed as a piano soloist for the first time in 8 years, to what I may consider a successful wedding reception. The next few blogs will take this provisional form:

5th/6th August post: A review of Dark Knight Rises by Sinistre

Next Week: A post on returning to music

Goffman reflections will continue. I’ve been in some heated discussions about Goffmanesque issues lately, not least because of the Olympics going on.

I will also relatively soonish, begin a series of posts on Chris Bateman’s upcoming book, ‘The Mythology of Evolution’.which will constitute a review of his work. Bateman is also putting up a few posts relating to the themes of his book presently at Only a Game.

In other news about me, I’ve begun a project completely unrelated to anything I talk about in Noumenal Realm, which consists in a blog about a Community Garden based in South London. I’m using my abilities as a moderator with a different team of people and I’m going to hopefully help develop some online content about the issues associated with running a community garden project in an urban space such as London. In essence I’m taking on more blogging tasks, and this has led me to think a little bit more about making more of a portfolio style presence if people are trying to find out about me.

So this is my little bloglet of a post. There’s a bit of an irony in life: when you find a more efficient way of performing tasks, you suddenly become more busy again instead of less. I would have thought I found more time for myself, but I’ve ended up burying myself in more activities like learning HTML, or sightreading Bach! I’ve become a little bit more efficient about executing my duties but its possibly going to lead to a backlog with this blog. As always, thank you for following this blog.


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