Things that have kept me busy lately (Early 2013)

I have an apology from Sinistre, he can’t post this week’s blog as its not finished yet.

Sinistre told me that he was writing a blog on ‘geri-action’ movies and was doing a ‘triple review’ of the films ‘Bullet to the Head’, ‘Die Hard 5’ and ‘The Last Stand’ However he has missed the deadline for which it should have been ready, which means I have to give a placeholder blog post on an impromptu short notice basis.

Perhaps I will update you on my life at the moment. I find it so cliche and generic to say that I’ve been busy. The Jesuits used to say always keep busy, but don’t look like you are busy. Unfortunately I am failing to look like I am not busy. I’ve been involved with Transition Town Tooting’s Community Garden project, in particular with a project to network and connect with other community green projects. This has been interesting and I have completed my first visit to Sutton Community Farm. I also created and run the social media for Tooting Community Garden. I am effectively a blogger for Tooting Community Garden as well as Noumenal Realm.

I have also taken up a blogging post with yet another collaboration. As well as working, having job interviews and constantly applying for jobs (CV available on request!), I have also taught myself how to play the Ocarina, and I bought a keyboard instrument called a ‘Melodica’. I have also started a musical collaboration with a few school friends of mine, and through them I am rediscovering my joy of performing as an ensemble musician, plus I am being introduced to appreciate Jazz from one of my ensemble buddies.

I am also really tired all the time because as a little bit of a lifestyle change which has slowly taken part over the past couple of years but really intensified in more recent months, I am doing a lot of weight training and fitness classes. I know I am surprised too! I think it goes hand in hand with being a fan of comics and nerdy stuff like action films and RPGs that I want to ‘level up’ my fitness in real life. I’ve been using a lot of my spoons lately, but I’d also like to think that I’m having a life where I’m making an impact on other people and enriching my local community, as well as having a bit of fun and a laugh along the way.

As real life stuff has gotten in the way I have had less space to blog about dark and philosophical topics. It’s funny that lately many of my good friends have been busy with other real life things as well which has been a barrier to keeping in regular contact, but each time I’ve heard from them they often start with the phrase ‘maybe its just me getting older but…’.

I was hoping that Antisophie and the gang would pick up the slack, but they seem busy too!I hope that by updating you on my personal life I can highlight how it has given me less time to run Noumenal Realm, as well as keep up the regular posting schedule.

Hopefully normal blogging will resume next week


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