Remembering Gary Banham

Coming home last night, I found out through Philos-L that philosopher and prolific tweeter, Gary Banham (whom I also knew as @Kantian3), died earlier this week.

I thought I’d write a post on how I will remember Banham. I have the unusual distinction of coming to know him not through his philosophical publications in journals, or through universities either as a student or through lit searches. I think he found my blog after I was mentioning something about Black Metal, it came through that Banham was also interested in Kant and I discovered his blog ‘Inter-Kant’.

I think it says something of this day and age when philosophers take to twitter that people of intellectual interests can end up following each other and just as easily switch from discussing reading recommendations or puns based on Kant’s terminology, to retweeting current affairs stories or irreverent pictures.

I will miss seeing the constant stream up 140 character tweets from Banham, which ranged from the serious to the mundane to the ‘I’m not quite sure how to react to this’ -type of tweets. I will miss the extremely wide variety of things he would tweet about. Banham was quite a mover in terms of the International and UK Kantian community. Banham was the editor for the Open-Access journal Kant Studies Online. Banham made a lot of promotion for every article that came to the journal.

Perhaps what I will miss the most about Banham will be the the updates from the blog ‘Inter Kant’. Banham combines the great loves in my life – blogging and philosophy with a Kantian angle, in this blog. Many of Banham’s posts were a rolling commentary on texts such as Rawls’ ‘Theory of Justice’, or responding to critical issues in Kant Interpretation. There were other posts in which Banham made himself quite outspoken on the state of philosophy today. I always considered my blog as an inferior version of what Banham did: used blogging as a platform to discuss issues of Kantian philosophy and other things that may take my fancy (but mostly Kant stuff).

I will miss you Gary Banham, @Kantian3, or as your twitter profile describes: ‘Kantian philosopher and girlish Gay man!’. We at Noumenal Realm will miss you, we will remember you fondly.

Michael (on behalf of Noumenal Realm)


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