About us

Note: this page will always be out of date. [last update: 21.11.2012]

About us

This blog is essentially an online notebook, and as such, you are invited to leave a comment in our notes. While originally, this blog intended to capture our disagreements and a simultaneous attempt at some form of intellectual biography; this blog has now taken a more conventional form of a series of opinion pieces [Sinistre*and Antisophie], or philosophical and social reflections [Sinistre, Destre], or in many cases, I [Michael] will about none of the above, or all of the above!

This blog operates with myself as the moderator, where I am emailed submissions by Sinistre and Destre, or where I’m put under duress to post something by Antisophie. Most of our posts reflect conversations that we’ve had.

Dramatis Personae

Michael Pereira (“Moderator”) – I am the witness and moderator to a whole gamut of conversations, while I hardly take part in them. I’m more an observer of interesting things than anything else. I am joined on this blog by my pseudonymous compatriots Antisophie, Destre, and Sinistre. I have an MA in Philosophy, a BSc in Sociology and Philosophy. I like to write book reviews and on occasion I’ve given talks a variety of different things. I also try to improve myself by reading widely, and trying (with varying degrees of success) to keep fit with Badminton, Weight Training, and activities with friends such as running or airsofting.

Writing this blog and my other writing tasks is a part time endeavour and in real life I work part time and send off job applications full time. If you are interested in contacting me about this blog, my writing, the contributors to this blog, or just interested, you can email me at noumenalrealm@gmail.com

Destre (Philsophical and sociological topcis) – Destre was initially one of the primary movers of the blog but is a bit more busy these days. On occasion Destre will submit a piece which usually focuses on an ideological issue or an issue that’s polemical to our group discussions. Destre maintains interests in Catholic theology, classical literature, and the role of social ideologies in the contemporary world.

Antisophie – Antisophie is a personal friend of mine, most of her posts  come in the form of opinion pieces, which includes her ‘Antisophie’s Words’ serial. Despite this, Antisophie engages well in our shared interests of Immanuel Kant, but she is also interested in the increasing awareness of those who were more invisible throughout history, particularly women. Unfortunately Antisophie takes an unintentional tokenism about being the only female contributor to this group.

Sinistre – Sinistre shares many mutual interests with us at NR. Sinistre is interested in Heavy Metal, the Frankfurt School’s cynicism about popular culture, Immanuel Kant’s theoretical philosophy, gaming, as well as current affairs. Sinistre also shares with me an even more occaisional contributor, Sinistre*.


This is a continuation of my Kant’s Konigsberg Kafe blog, which I created in spring 2004, Sinistre’s web log and Destre’s publications are also synthesised on one site.


One thought on “About us

  1. Hi

    I came across your weblog the other day when I was checking out references to zemiology – a word which I and few others coined during a conference on Spetes to describe a new discipline based around the notion of harm. Zemiology is mentioned in notes you provide for a draft thesis entitled: Verstehen: Understanding understanding, or, ‘how to account for human action’. Can you put me in tocuh with the author of the thesis? I am interested in charting the impact of zemiology.

    All the best


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