Too much information in the information age

I feel a bit of writer’s block today, I did write a post for today, but it ended up going on one of my other blogs due to its lack of relevance to Noumenal Realm affairs (sorry!). I’ve only observations this week:

  • Twitter is everywhere. Yes I do have a twitter account, and I use it because I don’t watch TV regularly and don’t often find out when new seasons of Peep Show or other things I like, such as bands or orchestral performances will be on. It is such an easy way to find out about something.
  • Social media integration. Last weekend I was at the Camden Crawl, a weekend festival full of music and other things. In a sense, many of the acts were promoting themselves as a taster of what they have to offer. Like some bizarre sample server in a supermarket, if you want more, they will tell you where to go: twitter feeds, websites and so forth. They didn’t even bother to sell merchandise, perhaps because they know that everyone can’t carry a lot of things at an event like that, or that they know having a presence on social media is far more influential
  • Talking of social media, there are lots of oppurtunities to troll following news about Osama’s death. Lots of stories have come about for instance about how the announcement of Osama’s death has been muddled by calling him ‘Obama Bin Laden’ (p.s. hello internet search engine people who searched this term, *I’m really trying to get 50k hits you know*), or accidental freudian slips/spoonerisms of mentioning incorrectly that the current US President is dead. There is also a backlash of replies on twitter which quotes something allegedly attributed to Martin Luther King about how it is wrong to celebrate a death but right to mourn it. Apparently, because of the spread of twitter, this inaccurately attributed quote spread like wildfire. There is also a report from Slashdot that Osama trolling is an oppurtunity to spread malware and viruses (for people who want to ‘see’ a link of the corpse).
  • I can of course mention how the Royal Wedding and its footage was insanely integrated with social media. I bet that behind closed doors, the Royal Family were watching the tv footage themselves during the event, not only because that’s good PR sense, but also because it is such a big event even they would be watching it. The use of social media for capitalist promotion and spread of untruth and trolls is a nightmare of the information age that even Orwell would not have anticipated.


I find these news stories a very unfortunate distraction to the very important issue of ELECTORAL REFORM IN THE UK. The discussion about the ‘Alternative’ condorcet system of voting has been flooded by other stories about the Olympics next year, the Royal Wedding, and Bin Laden’s death. It’s very bad for both sides of the campaign. It is essentially too much information. You need to remember also that I, and many other people (that means you) have their own lives to live as well. It’s all so overwhelming, I have enough to work through. I haven’t even written my intended posts on Aristotle and Social Science yet!