John O’Keefe Wins Nobel Prize


A great piece of summer news: John O’Keefe, Kant and Laws Ri Lecturer, has just been awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine.  Congratulations to John!  You can hear John’s excellent talk ‘Immanuel Kant: Pioneer Neuroscientist here in our audiovisual gallery.

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Schliesser on the Use of

The Mod Squad

Eric Schliesser has some remarks about the role of Jonathan Bennett’s translations at in scholarship:


First, all translation is an interpretation. Translating complex philosophical texts is much, much harder than figuring out ‘gavagai.’ This is so, even if you have written the text yourself and are fluent in both languages. You should try translating some time; even if you are not a meaning holist, you’ll discover that a lot of philosophical jargon is not stable and uniform across cultural and temporal contexts. (Surprisingly enough, this is even  true of works in the history of physics.) So, leaving aside honest mistakes, all translations involve non-trivial judgments and trade-offs with a complex interplay among style, content, jargon, sentence structure, and even argumentative structure (this list is not exhaustive).

In, Jonathan Bennett, who is one of the greatest historians of philosophy of his generation and who should be praised for…

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