Things I’ve been doing this month (May 2013)

I thought I’d write a non-blog post blog post. In other words, I know I should be writing about say, Wagner’s 200th Anniversary and have some Deep Thoughts about how the cultural reception of Wagner’s music reflects the state of human morality in a postwar peacetime era, or I could come with another exegesis essay on Adorno’s commentary on Wagner. But to be honest I’ve been occupied with other activities.

In real life I might be starting another job in the near future, and that’s taken a bit of thinking lately. My physical presence has been attending to a local volunteer and community project. I’ve been meaning to talk about this on the blog for a while. I’ve been involved with a local Community Garden project for a good part of one and a half years. For the past month and the next couple of weeks we are putting in a lot of thought and co-ordination towards the garden opening up to the general public as we are a participaing member of Open Garden Squares weekend and the Chelsea Fringe. I am personally very excited about getting involved in preparing for the garden opening up on this day. I will personally be there for most of the day, and I will be periodically playing the ocarina.

Perhaps another time I might write about how I’ve gotten involved with the community garden, or playing the ocarina!